This is seriously THE easiest recipe for using sourdough discard. Crumpets are pretty on brand for me. Making crumpets in the morning seems super productive and also a bit pretentious, so of course I’m doing it. If people knew how ridiculously easy they were to make using sourdough discard, they would not be nearly as […]

Quick Dessert

This cake is great when you’re short on time. It doesn’t even need fresh fruit, frozen works great. It only takes ten minutes to prepare. I don’t know what else you’d want in a dessert, especially when it’s hot out and you’re trying not to run the oven for long periods of time. The recipe […]

Posh Pasta

If it isn’t obvious by now, I live off grains. I could sustain myself on a variety of grains or pastas with an assortment of roasted vegetables. My husband on the other hand, really only wants meat. He’s a good sport and humours my would-be vegetarianism fairly frequently, but it’s not often that I make […]

Dinner in Five Minutes

Possibly an exaggeration, but ultimately, that’s the kind of dinner I’m looking for during the week. Today’s recipe came about somewhat haphazardly when wandering through the aisles of our new local grocery store. You know you live in a small town when the opening of the grocery store leads to near riot type of excitement. […]