Summer Salad

Salads in the summer appeal to me for a couple reasons: I don’t like heating my house any more than I have to and I don’t often feel like having a heavy meal when it’s hot outside.  Enter this salad.



Halloumi is great. It isn’t super popular, so if you haven’t tried it, it’s kind of like a squeaky, salty cheese that really needs to be fried to be appreciated. I’m playing catch-up on posts after a ridiculously busy week of work and 4 days with commutes home exceeding an hour and a quarter. Not […]

Classy Pasta

This is one classy meal. It just looks so smart. It’s the kind of thing you could throw together in minutes if you were suddenly cooking for a group. Toss it on to a the centre of plate and sprinkle with some parmesan and you’re good to go. This recipe is another NYT Cooking victory. […]