The 4 Bs

Black. Bean. Burrito. Bowl. I’m not even kidding, this is the easiest meal I’ve probably ever made. It requires very minimal effort. In fact, the magazine that this recipe came from claims it takes only 15 minutes of prep time. It’s just that easy. The recipe comes from BBC Good Food magazine (one of my […]


Cauliflower seems to be my go-to vegetable these days. It’s a celebration after so many months of cauliflower costing an absolute fortune. I mean, it’s not as cheap as it was, but at least I’m not walking by the box of cauliflower at the grocery store trying not to be enticed into buying one at […]

My mouth is on fire

Dearest blog readers, I apologize for my absence. I fear I had not tried cooking anything remotely interesting in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to just post about crap that I wouldn’t have a strong opinion about (either way). Alas, I’m back. I have some ideas for changing things up around here. I […]