One pan dinner

Forget Kyle’s favourite pasta, this is MY new favourite. I’ve mentioned my love of one pan dinners and this recipe ticks that box and does not disappoint. Would you believe it’s from the NYT Cooking site? Have you checked that out yet? Don’t make me shout at you! The recipe can be found HERE, but […]

Diamond Jubilee Chicken

Jamie Oliver’s recipes are usually pretty solid. I often start with his cookbooks when I’m looking for inspiration for dinner. His updated Coronation Chicken recipe, Diamond Jubilee Chicken, is fantastic. It’s from his¬†Jamie’s Great Britain cookbook and is relatively easy with lots of great flavours and beautiful colours. Start by preheating your oven to 375F. […]

Tray bake

One pan tray bakes are pretty much my dream. If I only have to wash a cutting board, knife and one pan after dinner, then I’m really happy. I’d spent the day outside walking (gotta get my steps in!) and didn’t really feel like spending the rest of a beautiful day inside cooking. I found […]