Taking (or Making) Stock

Okay, it’s been a while. Summer weather never seems conducive to cooking inside or baking for that matter. I am far more likely to get back to my cookbooks and try new things when I can’t be outside all day long. That’s how this recipe, or really lack thereof, came to be.

Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, and with an excessive amount of turkey leftover from our dinner, I decided to make turkey stock. I know that it seems a little pretentious to make your own stock, but it is so worth it and clears out the fridge and pantry nicely. Other benefits include making your house smell SO damn good and having a great base for future soups. Consider it, won’t you?

Making stock takes very little effort. I’m talking throwing in your vegetables that will barely survive the day.

I cut all the useable meat I could from the turkey carcass and added it to my 4 quart pot. I covered the turkey in water and added a quartered red onion, though any onion would do (skins included), two or three celery stalks (leaves included), a chopped up carrot, some thyme sprigs, the end of a piece of parmesan, a good grind of pepper and about 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt.

Turn the heat up to medium-high and get it to a simmer, but cover the pot and reduce the heat after that point. You want to see the occasional bubble, but not a real rolling boil. It’ll start to smell delicious almost immediately.

It takes about three hours to make. The quantity should reduce a bit, but not excessively. The hardest thing for me is seasoning. I keep having to remind myself that I’m making the base for my future soup and that will require salting too. Try not to be overly generous with it in this situation. You can do the same with a chicken carcass or some beef bones, or just a bunch of rough looking veggies. It puts store-bought stock to shame.

Bonus: it looks pretty good (initially).

Next up: A soup for this stock.

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