What to Cook: July

Well, none of the items that I planned on making in June really panned out. That’s to say, I made the garlic smeared bread bites and they were just okay, but nothing overly special. We had them as our main and they were kind of a lot of work. I don’t enjoy cooking dinner and then having to work to assemble it to eat. Don’t waste your time when you could just be having pizza made on the barbecue.

I had good intentions with that list, and yet I made variations of almost everything on it (garlic smeared bread bites excluded).

First, the chocolate chip cookies. Instead of making the recipe I intended to, I was focused on using my sourdough discard and ended up making sourdough chocolate chip cookies from this site. Let me tell you, they were really good. Not overly complicated and certainly made good use of the sourdough discard. In fact, they only stuck around for a couple of days. We ate them so fast! I’m still waiting on my copy of his cookbook to arrive so that I can make even better use of my starter. I’m really trying not to make this whole blog about sourdough. That being said, I found a better crumpet recipe that will be shared in the coming weeks.

Then, instead of the rhubarb custard bars, I made the strawberry rhubarb cake. Again, big hit! Might try it again, but with an assortment of frozen berries I have kicking around my freezer.

I could not convince my husband to try the honey chipotle shrimp tacos (shock!), so instead, used the honey chipotle pulled chicken recipe posted earlier, and added some julienned yellow pepper to the slow cooker at the start. I served it over quinoa and kept the pickled red onions as the topping and it was great.

I still have the smashed potatoes on my to-do list, but it was a busy month, what with all the nothing we’ve been doing.

So what’s on tap for July? I’m on the hunt for a good summer salad again. I’m going to attempt a beet salad tonight to try and clear up some of produce. I think I’ll try it with the dressing from the rotisserie chicken salad from late last year. I always like dressing with a little bit of dijon in it. Maybe a little arugula, feta, and pecans to fill it out.

I’m going to try this edamame hummus with some lightly oiled pita, crisped up on the barbecue. Cookie & Kate never lets me down!

Maybe later, I’ll try out this peanut butter magic shell recipe to top off my ice cream. Ice cream is my weakness. NYT Cooking has been making a lot of their recipes available for those stuck at home. They posted the full recipe on their instagram account.

We’ll see how far we get with this stuff! It’s so hot out. The very last thing I feel like doing is eating, never mind cooking. Anyone else feel like that when it gets so hot outside? First stop, the fridge for some water.


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