White Chocolate Truffle Failure

So about a month ago, my mum and I went to a chocolate and caramel making workshop.  About halfway through it all I decided that chocolate making was my calling and that I should quit my job and open a shop. I have these dreams every now and again, but haven’t followed through on them…so far.

Our workshop was run through Chocolate Tales and it was a fun, couple of hours out. We filled chocolate shells with dulce de leche and hand rolled and decorated some caramel. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my creations before inhaling them.

After returning home and deciding that this was now my life’s work, I found a company not too far from me and ordered an inordinate amount of milk chocolate, some white chocolate for decorating, and some tools to get me started.

After successfully filling some small moulds with milk chocolate and adding a salted caramel centre, I set my sights on a new challenge and tracked down this recipe for White Chocolate Coconut Lime Truffles.

What could go wrong? It all seemed so simple. Melt white chocolate and coconut oil in glass pan until it looks like a strong latte – check! Add boiled coconut milk, kosher salt, vanilla, and lime juice and whisk – check, check, check and check! Oh, naive Allie.

For starters, it says that the chilled ganache should be set after about thirty minutes. Two days later and mine had the consistency of pudding. Had I been able to really check on the mix, I probably would’ve added some more white chocolate to thicken it up. I did not.

The taste though, oh man! Delicious.

Not wanting to throw out such a tasty dessert, I took the pudding-consistency-ganache, and called it pudding. Couple spoonfuls in a fancy glass topped with some shredded coconut and lime zest! Well on my way to gaining the quarantine 15.

Have to share the wins with the losses! In the end, I’ll try it again.

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