When you have too much time on your hands…make gnocchi

I endeavoured to make gnocchi last weekend. How could it be that difficult, I thought. It wasn’t really. What else would I be doing with that time, I wondered. And so I set off to find a seemingly easy to follow gnocchi recipe. I did find one, by googling “Jamie Oliver gnocchi recipe”. You can always rely on Jamie to give you the goods. I found it HERE!

As requested by Jamie, I boiled my potatoes in salted water. Maris Pipers are not easy to find in Toronto so I just used what was available in my local grocery store. They’re done when a fork can easily pierce the potato. Let them cool until they can be handled, then peel them and mash them.

Turn your mashed potatoes on to a flat surface and add your Tip 00 flour, grated fresh nutmeg and salt and pepper. Knead the mixture for a few minutes, then roll them into gnocchi sized shapes. If you don’t have the professional gnocchi shaper-thing, you can add lines to your pasta using a fork or hand grater.

Boil some more salted water and add your gnocchi. They’re done when they float.

I made a brown butter sauce by melting a few tablespoons of butter, adding minced garlic and chopped basil and thyme to serve over the gnocchi.

You know what’s great about this recipe? Or rather not the recipe, but the gnocchi? That I’ll never make it ever again.

Buy it at the store and save yourself the trouble. Unless, you have too much time on your hands and you want to try this out. That’s cool too.


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