My absolute favourite meal!!! (Right now)

I’m sure by now you’ve gathered how much I love pasta and different pasta dishes. This recipe is another great NYT Cooking find that is absolutely amazing. It’s ridiculously easy to make and is big on flavours. (Have you subscribed to NYT Cooking yet? I swear they’re not paying me to advertise their stuff!)

Start by boiling heavily salted water in a fairly large pot and, when ready, get your pasta going! I used rotini with excellent results.

Then, in a large frying pan and over medium heat, add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and add about 170g of chopped pancetta. Bite sized pieces are great. When the fat starts to render, toss in 6 cloves of garlic. Make sure their skin (peel? Whatever!) is removed and smash them before tossing them in. Add a nice sprinkle of salt and pepper and a good pinch of red pepper flakes. Stir it around and make sure everything is well coated. Then, add a pint of cherry tomatoes (halved). Keep it all Cooking until the tomatoes start to look a little puckered or soft.

Drain your pasta when it’s done and combine your tomato/pancetta mix with your pasta. I find it’s easier to mix everything in the pasta pot rather than the frying pan.

Serve in bowls. Add a good dollop of ricotta to each, along with some chopped green onions, some chopped fresh mint, a splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. AMAZING.

I love this meal. It’s about 20 Minutes worth of work and rates at 1 out of 10 on the hassle scale. Try it!! Let me know what you think of it




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