Anytime food

You know those meals that you could eat at any time of the day? Maybe you’re a breakfast for dinner person, like me, and might enjoy this AMAZING omelette late in the day? We definitely loved it and it has been put on the regular meal rotation list.

That’s right. It’s another great option from BBC Good Food: Bombay omelettes. Essentially, it’s just an indian inspired omelette, but I’ve made a couple changes to their recipe. I’ve also doubled the quantities, to make it for two people.

I chose this recipe because it sounded a lot like the food served at one of my favourite “fast food” restaurants in London, England: The Kati Roll Company. It’s near Liberty London and a quick walk from the Oxford Street tube stop. If you’re ever looking for a cheap and tasty lunch in the area, I recommend checking it out. My edits to the recipe were in an effort to make it more like the food served at Kati Roll Company.

To start, I decided to add potatoes. Every good meal includes potatoes! I had some new potatoes kicking around, so I decided to chop 1 cup’s worth into nice bite sized pieces. I then parboiled them in salted water until they were a little soft, but not falling apart. While they cook, you can prepare your mise en place. The potatoes need to be done to move on to pretty much every step, minus the lime/yogurt combo that follows this step.

Combine a cup of greek yogurt with a handful of cilantro leaves (reserving the stalks), and the juice of half of a lime. Season and set it aside.

When your potatoes are done, melt one tbsp of butter in fairly large frying pan. When it’s melted, add your potatoes along with one red onion, diced. Fry it for a few minutes, until the onion is nicely softened. Add the cilantro stalks, but make sure you chop them up a bit, otherwise it’d be a bit stringy. Add two cloves of garlic, crushed and one diced jalapeño and continue to fry.

Personal anecdote – I had an allergic reaction on my hand that started a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t move my left fingers (hence the lack of blog posts) and it was very difficult to do anything in the kitchen. It was at this point while making this recipe that I tried to move a hair out of my eye. Where I would usually use the back of my hand to slide it away, I couldn’t because of my bandage to my hand. For some stupid reason I used my thumb, which had recently picked up some jalapeños and I’m sure you can gather the rest. Moral of the story – don’t touch your eye after you’ve touched jalapeños. It hurts A LOT. Second lesson, rinsing your eye with milk is about the only thing that’s going to relieve the irritation.

Anyway, back to it! Add two teaspoons of curry powder to your pan and toss until everything is well coated.

In a separate bowl, beat four eggs together. Pour the egg over your veggie/herb mix and allow it to set a bit before flipping it over. Keep it cooking until the eggs have set to your liking.

In a separate small pan, I decided to heat two pieces of paratha. You can get frozen paratha, which is like an Indian potato flatbread, and it makes a nice substitute to the tortilla called for in the recipe.

I couldn’t make my finished product turn out as nicely as the Kati Rolls are presented, so I just served the omelette over the paratha with the yogurt sauce on the side.

Hassle level: Maybe 2 out of 10 and that’s only because everything comes together very quickly so there is that headless chicken aspect of it. Overall, it’s fabulous and easy and a breakfast for dinner option that doesn’t feel very breakfasty.

Not sure why, but I don’t have a picture of this beautiful creation. I’ll have to see if I made Kyle take the picture and get back to you. If not, I’ll just make it again.


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