Halloumi is great. It isn’t super popular, so if you haven’t tried it, it’s kind of like a squeaky, salty cheese that really needs to be fried to be appreciated. I’m playing catch-up on posts after a ridiculously busy week of work and 4 days with commutes home exceeding an hour and a quarter. Not only was I unable to post on here, but I also missed yoga – every.single.day. Had I not been able to get into a class today, it could’ve been bad!

Today’s recipe is for halloumi flatbreads, which is a fancy way of saying halloumi pitas for us uncouth North Americans. The recipe comes from BBC GoodFood magazine, but can be found online HERE.

I will start by offering this suggestions – HALVE the vegetable ingredients listed in the linked article. The cabbage and pepper quantities in particular are excessive. I had so much left and we were quite full. For our purposes, I’ll provide quantities that I found helpful.

Start by toasting 1/3 cup of pumpkin seeds in a frying pan with 2tbsp of cumin seeds. The cumin seeds can burn quite quickly so I might suggest adding them after giving the pumpkin seeds a minute to get started. When they’re lovely and fragrant, remove them from the heat and set aside in a bowl.

Shred one half of a small red cabbage. Make sure you remove the core. Julienne one yellow or orange pepper. Combine the cabbage and peppers in a medium sized bowl and add one tbsp of white wine vinegar. Mix it all together thoroughly. Set them aside too.

Get your oven broiler on so you can toast your pita bread. I toasted each pita for a couple minutes on each side to crisp them up. Don’t forget about them. They really burn quickly. That was a vague reference to personal experience.

Back to your original frying pan. Heat it up and add a couple tbsp of olive oil and turn it up to medium heat. You’ll only need one halloumi block if there are only two of you eating. Take your one block and cut it into 12 strips. Fry each strip up in batches until they’re nicely browned. You can keep them warm in the oven, if you like.

Spread hummus over each pita and top with halloumi strips, the cabbage/pepper slaw, some arugula and the seeds to serve. REALLY good.

I very much approve of this recipe. It was unbelievably filling.

This one only gets about 1 on the hassle scale. It doesn’t take very much effort at all and the beautiful colours in this meal reassure me that I’m eating reasonably healthy.


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