Eat your sprouts!

Ok, I like brussels sprouts. If they aren’t your jam, give this recipe a try, and you might be surprised. It’s really hearty and warming and just a good meal on a cold and snowy day. I came across this recipe by accident. It was actually included in a supplement in a magazine that I subscribe to (BBC Good Food- however, it seems to have been thrown out since I first made it, so I have been recreating it from memory).

First, boil your pasta. I use medium sized shells and they seem to work the best. While your pasta is boiling, take about three cups of brussels sprouts and remove the tatty outside leaves and cut off the bottoms. Then thinly slice your sprouts and wash thoroughly.

In a pan, over medium heat, add about 3/4 cups of pancetta. Let it fry for a couple minutes and then add your washed sprouts. Turning often, the sprouts should be a nice golden colour. Add a couple tbsp of butter once your sprouts are nearly done. Keep turning everything to keep it from burning.

When your pasta is done, reserve a ladle of the cooking water and add it to your sprouts. Drain your pasta and return it to the pot, removed from the heat. Add your sprouts and pancetta and toss to coat everything. Add a little parmesan and voila! Done.

It’s really good, if you like sprouts that is…

Hassle level – 2 out of 10. Those sprouts take a long time to prepare.


This picture does not do it justice.

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