A tofu curry

I wanted to like tofu curry. I really did. I wanted it to be the work night saviour of dinners. The simple meal that ends up being so amazing and takes virtually no time to make that everyone loves. This was not that meal. I should’ve listened to the comments on the NY Times site. Many said it was bland or “one-note”. I tried to make changes to steer away from that blandness.

The recipe is here.

It was outrageously simple. Cook your rice according to the instructions. I chose basmati rice and got that started. I set aside my drained tofu with some paper towel and had it weighted down with a cookbook.

I started by sautéing my chopped onions in grapeseed oil over medium-high heat. I cooked them until they were nicely browned and added 2 tbsp of curry powder (instead of the 1tbsp called for in the recipe) as was suggested by a reader on the NY Times recipe page. I toasted the cashews in another pan, as suggested by another Times reader and then set them aside to cool and chop them, before adding them to the onions. I added my coconut milk. I decided chopped cauliflower and green beans would be a nice addition, and so added them too. I chopped my tofu and added it to the mixture. I added a tsp of cayenne to try and spice it up. I added the soy sauce and a lot of salt and pepper. I even decided some freshly chopped cilantro would be a nice addition.

I served it over my cooked basmati rice.

It was bland. It was one note. It was just okay. It was simple, but it was a hard sell as a make-again-meal. It needed something. I don’t know what.

Hassle level – 2 out of 10. More effort than should be required to try and spice this thing up.


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