Fall themes

It’s a rainy day today. Couple the grey skies with night shift and I pretty much don’t want to leave my bed, never mind my house. Instead of cooking, today’s post is more of a to-do list. A list of items that I’d make if I suddenly had enough time.

Like this fall sangria. It would be perfect for those nights when you just can’t fathom leaving the warmth of your house and a cosy blanket.

Or how about one of these butternut squash soups? It’s soup season again and I’m so excited.

I’m hoping this recipe for Afghan-Style Pumpkin with yogurt is similar to a dish that I loved at a restaurant in London.

Perhaps this recipe for cauliflower steak will be pulled out this week?

In any event, I hope you’re all warm and cosy in your homes, even if I’m just getting ready to go to work. Back with a new attempted recipe soon!

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