Herbed Tomatoes

I’m not crazy about roasted tomatoes. At least, I thought I wasn’t into them. Turns out they can be pretty tasty with the right toppings. The recipe was beyond simple. I found it online at the NY Times. I know I’ve expressed my love for the NY Times Cooking section repeatedly, but it hasn’t let me down yet.

The recipe, found here, will also help you to clear out some of your tomato crop, should you be suffering from a glut. If, like me, your tomato plants produced about 5 edible tomatoes, then I feel your pain. Last year, my tomato plants were as tall as me. This year, I’m guessing because of the lack of rain, they’ve barely grown. I’m actually finding more flowers and potential tomatoes now, than what was going on all summer.

Anyway, the recipe is what the title suggests: tomatoes, halved and roasted, and coated with a paste of herbs, garlic and olive oil. I decided to make this recipe because, unlike my crap tomato crop, my thai basil is monstrous. It has done better than any other herb.

Super easy: chop up four tbsp of cilantro (sorry, mom!) and 2 tbsp of thai basil. Mix in two tbsp of minced garlic, 4 tbsp of olive oil and salt to taste. Halve your tomatoes, scoop out a little of the juicy innards, but like the recipe says, don’t completely disembowel your tomatoes. They need some meat! Toss them on the BBQ and let them roast. Get some nice grill marks on them. When they’re done, heavily coat your cut side with the herb & garlic paste. Voila.

They’re good hot or cold. I don’t have a preference.

Hassle level: 1 out of 10. If I didn’t have thai basil in my garden it might be a pain to track down.

As you can see from the picture below, we enjoyed our tomatoes with quite an elaborate spread. In my next post, I’ll be discussing the steak pictured below. It’s Chipotle rubbed with lime and cilantro butter. It was amazing.




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