Monkey bread

Have you heard of monkey bread? I hadn’t and then, suddenly it was all the rage. I wasn’t totally convinced with a lot of the recipes, until I found a kind of half-assed version using Pillsbury biscuit dough.┬áThe recipe is actually from the Pillsbury website. It can be found here. It was unbelievably simple. We’re […]

Herbed Tomatoes

I’m not crazy about roasted tomatoes. At least, I thought I wasn’t into them. Turns out they can be pretty tasty with the right toppings. The recipe was beyond simple. I found it online at the NY Times. I know I’ve expressed my love for the NY Times Cooking section repeatedly, but it hasn’t let […]

My mouth is on fire

Dearest blog readers, I apologize for my absence. I fear I had not tried cooking anything remotely interesting in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to just post about crap that I wouldn’t have a strong opinion about (either way). Alas, I’m back. I have some ideas for changing things up around here. I […]