Corn and Basil Pasta

I get into food ruts. I get really into using certain ingredients and then it becomes my mission to find more interesting ways to eat said ingredient. Recently, as you may have noticed, I’m really into fresh corn. It’s the ultimate summer ingredient. When you combine corn AND pasta…well that’s got winner written all over […]

Avo Toast

I use a lot of avocados. And cilantro. If you’re not into those things, this blog might be a little tiresome. Sorry, but I’m not going to change it up any time soon. Not in this sweltering weather. One of my favourite easy lunch or breakfast meals is avocado toast. With a quick prep and […]

Summer soup

I was going to call this post “Indian inspired soup”, but I fear I’ve overused the whole Indian inspired thing lately. I’m not sure how you guys feel about soups in the summer but this one is phenomenal. It’s good hot or cold and uses the best, fresh summer ingredient – corn! Have I mentioned […]