Soba 2.0

We’ve talked about soba noodles or at least I have. Have you bought them yet? I’m in love. Well, correction – I would be in love if grocery stores would consistently stock them so I can buy them all. I had to resort to Amazon this week after checking out two grocery stores. One of them is usually decent, so I was a little disappointed. Anyway, soba! Where have you been all my life?

THIS recipe looks impressive and tastes even better. Garlic + Soba + Zucchini noodles! How could it be bad? Well it isn’t, so fear not. In fact, I’m actually running back and forth between making this meal tonight for myself and writing this post. I guess you could say it isn’t terribly difficult. I’d say this is another recipe where you really need to have your mise en place prepared before you get started with this one. Well, you should at least have your bell pepper julienned, your red onion finely sliced, your garlic and ginger grated and your zucchini spiralized. If you don’t have a spiralizer, don’t worry about it. Just chop your zucchini up. Aside from those ingredients you can probably make the mad dash around your kitchen during game time. So start with preparing, friend!

Did you get that all done?

Did you really?

Ok, I believe you. So get your noodles cooking and then we’ll move on to the veggies. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the noodles in a few minutes.

In a fairly large pan, toss that garlic and ginger in a tbsp of olive oil and turn your heat up to medium high. That stuff needs to cook for about a minute or two. At least until it’s fragrant. Add your soy sauce, water and honey and keep stirring. They’ll take a few minutes. Bring your ingredients to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Add your julienned peppers and sliced red onion and cook until tender. I turned the heat up for this, otherwise I think I would’ve been watched those things cook for ages. Then, add your zucchini noodles. Make sure all your veggies are covered in that lovely sauce. Don’t cook them for too long. A little crunch is nice with zucchini.

When your soba noodles have cooked, drain them and then run them under cold water. Get some sesame seeds toasting in a frying pan.

In a bowl, start with a cold noodle base. Add the veggies with some sauce and then top with some toasted sesame seeds. Amazing. Seriously.

Hassle level: 3 out of 10. That mise en place stuff is a bit of a pain.


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