Indian inspired tray bake…revisted

In one of my previous posts I talked about this amazing marinade for chicken thighs. I’ve mentioned my love of tray bakes before. Actually, I think I’ve said it a few times. I hate washing up after dinner. I love to cook, but hate to clean. To eliminate (or at least limit) the latter, I like to stick to one pan meals. The first indian inspired tray bake was delicious, but the potatoes were kind of a dud in comparison to the amazing flavours of the chicken. My friend pointed me in the direction of Smitten Kitchen for some ideas of how to spice up the potatoes (Thanks Cara!) and the results were absolutely amazing!

The Smitten Kitchen recipe for “sheet pan chicken tikka” can be found HERE. However, I made somewhat of a combination of this recipe and my previous indian tray bake. I used the chicken marinade from the previous recipe and let absorb all those wonderful flavours for a few hours. On one baking sheet, I cooked the chicken with new potatoes and chopped cauliflower florets. I spiced up the potatoes and cauliflower florets with the cumin seeds and kosher salt from this most recent version. I rolled the veggies in a little olive oil to help them cook. This version cooked for the same amount of time – 40 minutes at 425F. Be sure to turn your veggies over after about 20 minutes.

While the chicken and veggies were cooking, I chopped up some fresh cilantro and began pickling the red onions. This process was actually super easy. All it took was finely slicing a red onion and rolling around the separated pieces in a little lemon juice and salt.

When the chicken and veggies are done cooking, plate your meal up and sprinkle a little cilantro and some pickled red onions over your meal. Amazing taste and so colourful!

Hassle Level: 2 out 10



One thought on “Indian inspired tray bake…revisted

  1. yay! it’s so good, isn’t it? especially with the pickled onions. the only thing i found is i had to cook the potatoes a bit before adding the rest so they cooked completely.

    i made the key lime pie paletas. amazing!! xx


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