My #1 go-to

I’m on holidays from work. I’ve had eleven glorious days free from work. My house is clean, my fridge is full and my laundry is done. It’s probably not going to be put away, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves now. I’m really not sure how I fit work into my days. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t even really had a do-nothing day yet. I need at least one.

While I’ve had all this free time, I’ve been cooking new recipes a fair bit more which has been nice. Today’s recipe, while not a new one, has been in the rotation a fair bit lately because I’ve been able to pick up all the ingredients, including some really good chorizo. We went to the St. Lawrence market over the weekend and, in addition to the chorizo, were able to pick up salami and a pretty sweet bouquet of peonies.

Today’s recipe for avocado and chorizo toast comes from Jane Hornby’s cookbook “What to Cook & How to Cook it”, but can also be found online HERE.

The two most crucial ingredients are a good chorizo and sourdough loaf. I tend to organize myself differently than the recipe suggests. While the recipe is organized so that you start by cooking the chorizo, then move on to the avocado mix and then the toast, I tend to start by working away on the cold avocado mixture.

Start by pitting and peeling your avocado. I tend to work with one avocado per person. Add your chopped spring onions, lime juice, hot sauce, olive oil, and cilantro. Then go back to your chorizo. Halve your sausages lengthwise and then chop them into bite sized pieces. Dry fry them on medium high heat and turn them occasionally until they’re cooked. While the sausages on cooking turn your broiler on high. I tend to have about two slices of bread per person. Cook your bread slices under the broiler for about a minute each side. When they’re done, cut a clove of garlic in half and, using the cut side, rub each slice of bread with the garlic.

Top your slices of bread with chorizo, the avocado mixture and squeeze a little more lime juice over each piece. For convenience sake it’s best to half each slice of bread. Otherwise, you might be wearing this meal.

It’s about 15 minutes of work to make this. It goes fast when everything starts cooking, but it is so worth it.


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