Soba 2.0

We’ve talked about soba noodles or at least I have. Have you bought them yet? I’m in love. Well, correction – I would be in love if grocery stores would consistently stock them so I can buy them all. I had to resort to Amazon this week after checking out two grocery stores. One of […]

Another popsicle recipe

My popsicle game is strong, but I’ve had help. Fany Gerson’s book is amazing. I’ve been getting rave reviews from her recipes and the popsicles don’t seem to last long around this house. This most recent recipe for “quick coconut ice pops” took minimal effort. It did present some challenges and some lessons were learned, […]

My #1 go-to

I’m on holidays from work. I’ve had eleven glorious days free from work. My house is clean, my fridge is full and my laundry is done. It’s probably not going to be put away, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves now. I’m really not sure how I fit work into my days. […]


Soba noodles are just the best. A really decent, somewhat nutty flavour. They actually cook pretty quickly too. On really hot summer days I tend to only make recipes that require very little effort. On those days, I don’t really feel like eating a lot. That kind of explains my lack of posting throughout the […]

Smoky cauliflower

In my last post, I mentioned (and posted a picture of) roasted smoky cauliflower. The recipe was an excellent addition to the indian inspired tray bake. It was also a ridiculously easy addition to the meal. You can find the recipe HERE, but the instructions are super straight-forward. Start by washing and chopping your cauliflower […]