Another pasta

It’s been a while. I’m sorry. I’ve had somewhat of a social life over the last week which has resulted in a fair number of dinners out. I’m not complaining. I’ve had quite a few excellent meals as a result. However, it’s really set back my recipe testing. It’s over for now though, so I needed something for dinner tonight.

We spent the day outside working on the garden, so I wanted something very simple to make and ended up choosing another easy fresh tasting pasta. It’s also another recipe from the NY Times. I’m quite partial to their recipe section. If you haven’t explored it, I definitely recommend doing so. The link to tonight’s recipe can be found HERE.

The instructions were fairly straight forward. In a large bowl, combine a half a cup of olive oil and 5 cloves worth of minced garlic with 12 leaves of chiffonade basil leaves. Let those ingredients macerate all day long. About two hours before you plan to cook your pasta add a pint of cherry or grape tomatoes (halved or quartered) to your olive oil mix.

Cook your pasta according to the directions and in salted water. I chose fusilli because it’s my go-to pasta usually. When it’s done, drain it and add it on top of the olive oil/tomato mix. Don’t stir it. Add some cubed mozzarella and then only stir the pasta and cheese levels. Once the cheese has melted slightly, start mixing all of the ingredients together. Then, enjoy!

I must admit, it is missing something. I’m not sure if it’s salt and pepper or just a more interesting olive oil, but it could be improved. I enjoyed it enough though to make it again so I’ll have to keep you posted.



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