You can really taste the kale

I will freely admit that I like kale. More often, I will have kale by itself in the form of chips. I know kale isn’t for everyone. When you make kale chips yourself, they smell pretty bad, but they’re really easy. Preheat your oven to 400F. Strip the leaves away from the thick stems of the kale. Tear the leaves into smaller bite-sized pieces. Place your leaves on a baking sheet and coat with a little olive oil. Then, the most important part: massage the olive oil into the kale leaves. This is key, as it really breaks down the kale and makes it less bitter. The taste is noticeably different, so take a bite after you’ve massaged your kale and see the difference. Sprinkle with sea salt and bake for 10 minutes. Done. A little variation that I’ve recently adopted is to substitute the sea salt with a smoked sea salt for a little change in taste. I make these at least once a week and very much recommend the recipe.

Kale isn’t always great. I can admit that too. We recently went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant. One of the dishes was this really delicious pork chop with apples and sautéed kale. It was delicious and tasted very simple. So, I decided I would try to recreate the kale part of the dish the next day at home. Not so good. Every recipe for sautéed kale that I could find seemed to be the exact same. I trusted Bobby Flay and the results were okay at best.

The directions were to coarsely chop the leaves and stems of the kale. I omitted the really thick parts of the stems. In a medium sized frying pan heat 3 tbsp olive oil and 3 cloves of thinly sliced garlic. Turn up the heat to high and add your kale and 1/2 cup of chicken stock or water. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes. Remove the cover and continue to cook until all the liquid has evaporated. Season with salt and pepper and add 2 tbsp red wine vinegar.

If you’re interested, the recipe can be found HERE. It was….okay. You could really taste the vinegar, which I wasn’t so fond of. I might try making it again and just omitting the vinegar or continue to scour for a better recipe. On the other hand, the chips were delicious! Try them.

There’s no picture. Kale looks pretty similar when raw or cooked.


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