I don’t know how I feel about sage


I’m conflicted. I want to like sage. I like the smell of it. I’m just not convinced it’s actually a nice flavour. Fresh sage, dried sage, I’m not so sure about either of them.

Over the past week, I’ve been making increasingly complicated dinners, mostly as a way of keeping myself awake (thank you 4:50am work wake-ups!). On the first night, the meal was not so complicated. I attempted to make a simple pasta dish that could be reheated, since Kyle wasn’t going to be home from work until after 7pm, and I was most likely going to be fast asleep by then.

So, I set out on google to find a nice way to spruce up some store bought gnocchi. I found a bunch of recipes for gnocchi with sage brown butter and lemon zest. Perfect, I thought. It sounded simple and the flavours sounded lovely. All the recipes were fairly similar: boil your gnocchi, set aside. In the meantime, add a knob of butter to a large frying pan, toss in a sizeable handful of fresh sage leaves once the butter has melted. Roll the leaves in the butter until it’s a nice brown colour. Add the gnocchi to the butter mixture and top with lemon zest. So I did. No real measurements of ingredients, all to taste.

Decent. Easy. Still with the weird sagey after taste. I might have to throw sage on the same list as endive unless something changes. Anyway, if sage is your thing, give this recipe a go. Minimal effort for those nights when you know that if you sit down, you’re going to fall asleep.

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