Sweet Potato Fries

I’m really into sweet potato fries right now. Really really. We’ve had them twice in less than a week. They’re supposed to be reasonably healthy for you, so I baked them to try and keep some of the nutrients in there. On one of those occasions we even ate baked sweet potato fries with SAUTÉED KALE. SAUTÉED KALE. Who am I?! Well, I’m not sure I’ll make the kale that way again, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Anyway – sweet potato fries. Some tips and tricks and the method:

  1. Cut your fries in similar sizes. Obviously.
  2. Let your cut fries soak in water for a while. Like an hour.
  3. Dry your fries off after that. Dry them fairly well.
  4. Roll them in a tablespoon or two of cornstarch. Ensure that no fry is too powdery though.
  5. Roll them in olive oil.
  6. Add your spices: I like a tsp of cumin and a tsp of brown sugar. Roll ’em around in that seasoning.
  7. Lay them out evenly and with some space on your pan. I have found that cooking them on foil or parchment is not as successful. They stick to the foil and the parchment burns.
  8. Cook them at 450F for 25-30 minutes. Turning them half way through.
  9. Eat. Enjoy.

I like a little dipping sauce for my sweet potato fries. I’ve been making garlic aioli. Combine mayo with lemon juice and garlic to taste. I like a lot of garlic so I’m not even going to give you quantities on that one.

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