Tasty Udon Noodle Bowl


I’m back on nights. That usually means no original meals and eating plain things that won’t upset my stomach when I eat my lunch around 2am. It’s a bit of a boring week, except when I can find a recipe that requires 1) no grocery shop and 2) about 10 minutes total to make. I came across THIS recipe for an udon noodle bowl while googling random ingredients that I had in my house. I think I googled the very original “easy + udon” and it was one of the first hits to return.

I used the recipe as a very loose guide because I’m not crazy about mushrooms and I didn’t have any bean sprouts or onions. Instead, I sautéed a large shallot in sesame oil and then added chopped zucchini with some frozen edamame, all while the udon noodles were cooking in a nearby pot. I added a handful of roughly chopped basil, then the water, soy sauce, maple syrup, red chilli flakes, and because I didn’t have garlic powder, I used garlic salt.

When the noodles were cooked and the veggie mix quite fragrant, I combined the two for a hearty noodle bowl. A definite make again. Filling, easy and a nice amount of bite! Next time, I’ll get garlic powder though, it was a bit salty with the garlic salt.

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