Rice Bowls

This recipe is my bastardized version of your standard Chipotle rice bowl. It is my favourite meal and is ALWAYS a hit! I play fast and loose with a lot of the quantities in this recipe because I have yet to experience any sort of disappointment with this meal. I know the recipe looks quite […]

Stay tuned

There’s a new cookbook in town…and she means business! Fun fact: I like bread, but don’t care for sandwiches. Is that weird? This is a cookbook devoted to all sorts of breads and bread-like things. Slathered in butter, covered in cheese, topped with oils, this cookbook shows you how to do it all. Fear not, […]

Take a chance

You know those 30 second recipe videos that come up on Facebook pretty much every day these days? I’m always skeptical of them. I think it’s something about the lack of instructions and the sometimes lacking ingredient quantities. However, I always stop scrolling to watch the video and wonder if those recipes are really as […]

Say cheese!

I wasn’t always a cheese person. I wasn’t one of those people that could sit down with a block of cheese and just snack away. Then, one day, something happened: I was introduced to real cheese. Cheese that wasn’t orange or floppy and without distinct taste. On that, I became a cheese person. Yes, I […]