At first I was afraid…

I know I write a lot about how little effort was required to carry out some of these recipes. It isn’t so much a lazy thing as it is a feeling of relief. I think much of that has to do with the fact that some recipes and cooking techniques can seem overwhelming when first examining a recipe. Then, when I actually attempt to make these meals, I’m surprised and relieved at how easy they were to make. It also thrills me when I figure out that I can make these delicious meals without breaking a sweat.

I was really intimidated when I was considering making today’s project: Key Lime pie. I’m not even sure why I felt that way about the recipe. I’ve not made a lot of pies, and those that I have made were short crust pastry so surely, I hoped, this one should be easier. The original recipe was found through a quick google search and can be found HERE.

Right from the word go, I was making edits. Shockingly enough, despite all my other kitchen gadgets, I do not own a pie tin. I ventured out in search of one, but had no luck locally. Instead, I bought 2 sets of mini tins: 5 pie tins and 4 flan tins. I ended up going with the flan tins because they had the removable bases, so I could spring free the finished pies more easily. Overall, I’m quite pleased with my decision. I had to really hammer the pies out to plate up. So I would suggested such a pan, should you chose to make your own pie!

For the crust, super easy: crushed graham crackers, sea salt, melted butter and honey. The mixture is a little wet, and a lot of the melted butter seeped out and on to the baking pan they were set on. They cooked for 15 minutes at 350F. At first, I assumed that the cooking time should be reduced but, really, the small tins still required 15 minutes to set.

Then, while the crust was baking, work began on the filling. Super simple: sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, lime juice and zest mixed thoroughly, then poured on to the baked crust. This combination was returned to the oven and baked at the same temperature for another 15 minutes. Again, I had reservations about maintaining the same baking time while using the smaller tins, but they really did need the time. Once done cooking and cooled, I threw them into the fridge for a few hours to really set.

The whipped cream topping was easy as well: 2 cups whipping cream and a few tbsp of honey whipped to form soft peaks. Spread that lovely mix over the chilled pie, add a sprinkle of lime zest and voila. Tasty! I very much recommend this one.


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