Soup, soup! A tasty soup!

I have had a cold for three weeks now. It just will not quit. Some days, I wake up feeling great and then the next every symptom is back with a vengeance. I have been craving soup for the last few days and this recipe did not disappoint. In fact, Kyle put this soup on his favourites list. I thought the recipe might be a little involved, but it was pretty easy. How could it disappoint, it contains all my favourite foods: Potato, Garlic and Leek Soup with Pancetta Breadcrumbs.

The original recipe comes from one of my favourite blogs and can be found HERE. I officially decided to make this soup pretty late in the day after a heavy all-you-can-eat-sushi lunch. It required minimal effort and was ready in no time at all.

I started with the roasted garlic. Take a bulb of garlic and chop off just enough so that every clove is cut and exposed. Keep the cut pieces of garlic to the side as they will be necessary for the pancetta breadcrumbs. Rub the bulb of garlic with a little olive oil and roast at 400F for about 20 minutes.

Then, while I waited for the garlic to roast, I thinly sliced the leeks and peeled and chopped the potatoes. With about 10ish minutes remaining on the garlic, I put a 5L pot on the stove on high heat. The recipe suggests the pot be good and hot before adding the butter and olive oil. Add a couple drops of water and see if they smoke and spit before doing so.

Add the leeks and potatoes to the pot, and stir occasionally until slightly browned. Then, add the chicken stock, white wine, thyme, the roasted garlic cloves (extracted from their skin), salt and pepper. I couldn’t find fresh thyme at the grocery store this week (don’t get me started on my terrible local grocery store), so I just added a good sprinkle of ground thyme instead. I ended up adding a little bit more chicken stock than the 3cups called for, because the potatoes and leeks were not all submerged in the liquids. Simmer on low heat for about 25 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.

During this time, I started work on the pancetta breadcrumbs. You can use bacon if you want, but the pancetta was excellent. This part of the recipe neglects to mention when the olive oil comes into play, so I just assumed it was for frying up the pancetta. Cook the pancetta on a medium-low heat until its just slightly browned. Then, add the breadcrumbs, the garlic from step one (minced, though), salt and red pepper flakes.

Back to the soup, once the potatoes are tender, use an emersion blender and puree the contents of the pot. Add a little bit more of the chicken stock to thin it out a little bit more and also the creme fraiche. I didn’t have any creme fraiche, so I used sour cream. I also added another splash of the white wine, and a few substantial pinches of salt and pepper.

When serving, add the breadcrumbs and a small dollop of sour cream. Delicious. Very much suggest this recipe.


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