Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle

So I made dinner for 8 people yesterday. Cooking for that many people stresses me out a little bit. I always worry that everything will be ready at different times and it will all be cold by the time it makes it to the table.

I was pretty ready for this dinner. We prepped earlier in the day, so that I could actually interact with everyone while the food cooked. While the meal stressed me out, I wanted to make sure that dessert was ready to go with little to no effort.

This recipe for a salted caramel brownie trifle comes from another blog and it can be found HERE!

It’s a really straight forward recipe and really only includes pre-made ingredients. All you need are brownies, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, caramel, and skor bars.

Like the recipe calls for, I used mason jars that I found at the dollar store. Brownies first, then some caramel and a pinch of salt, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, skor bits and done!

They’re good. Super easy and prepared hours in advance. I think they tasted good. I have such a brutal cold though, so I can’t taste anything.



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