Butternut & Sage sauce on rotini

I’m on nights this week. That’s part of the problem with eating well in this house. We’re either working opposite hours or odd times and sometimes it’s really difficult to get motivated to make a meal for one person.

Tonight’s recipe comes from one of my go to blogs CupofJo.com and can be found HERE!

The instructions were fairly straightforward: melt butter in fairly big pot, throw in a small bunch of sage, a small diced onion and a good-sized butternut squash  (peeled and chopped into small 2 inch-isn pieces) with 1-1/2 cups of water with salt and pepper. After about 15 minutes of simmering and allowing the liquid to reduce, puree the ingredients with an emersion blender or food processor. Throw in a little bit of ground nutmeg. At the same time, boil the rotini in a separate pot.

I think it’s best to keep the pasta and sauce separate until you’re ready to eat. Kyle really enjoyed it. To me, it was OK at best. It was kind of like eating pasta covered in butternut squash purée. Perhaps it needed a little more nutmeg. I’ll have to make this again to do some further investigating on this one to figure out that missing ingredient.

Also, because it was a meat free dish, I had some leftover mild Italian sausages that I chopped up into pretty small pieces and threw them on to the dish as well. To me, that was the best part of the dish and I don’t even love meaty pastas.


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