A night out and a new cookbook

I told you I had a problem.

I went out for dinner and bought a new cookbook on my way to the restaurant. The new addition is Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook. I already have one of her earlier books and *shockingly*, I’ve never made anything from it! It was all a little too…fussy. This book seems different. I complain that my kitchen’s too small and she’s on youtube cooking in what I would consider to be a closet sized kitchen. If she can do it, I need to get a grip.

In other news, tonight’s project which will be making an appearance here later this week:


Whiskey Salted Caramel Cinnamon Rolls!! They’re a pain to make. I nearly smoked myself out of my house making them, and they taste delicious FYI.

Also, a dud of an endive side dish and a hearty sausage, beet and carrot main dish!

More about them later this week.

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