Apple endive and ginger salad

It’s gross outside. Rain all morning and now we have snow. I decided that I would spend the majority of the day cleaning and organizing, but when that was finished (YES!!) I was trying to find some way to spend my day other than watching hours and hours of Netflix. Normally, I would bake, but I made lemon loaf yesterday and I can’t make anything until that’s gone.

I’m trying to eat healthier. It’s not that I eat badly, but I like to make an effort with healthy meals. I was inspired to try out Nigel Slater’s recipe for Apple endive and ginger salad. It sounded like rainy day food: crisp, autumnal with a bit of bite.

The recipe itself is from Slater’s book: Eat. I have honestly never made any recipe from the book. It held so much promise when I put it in my amazon basket and checked out… then, it did a great job as a paperweight.

It seemed fairly simple: thinly sliced apples, torn endive and handfuls of sprouts, tossed in grated ginger, lime juice and cider vinegar. Prep time: 5 minutes.

Honestly, it’s so bad. It’s so bad, but has promise. It actually might be okay if there was something to cut the stinging ginger. What that would be I’m not sure. 95% of the salad is sitting here beside me waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. The apple, endive, sprouts combo was good. I feel like it might need some seeds and less ginger or no ginger. I can’t help this salad, it’s a dud.

I only have a bad quality picture of a bad salad.Photo on 2016-01-10 at 4.06 PM


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